I Want A Wang!


Vera Wang is quite possible the most famous wedding dress designer. The favourite of the rich and famous with her designing the wedding dresses for Victoria Beckham, Chelsea Clinton, Khloe and Kim Kardashian and also Alicia keys. this is just to name a few.

Ever since i saw Victoria Beckham’s wedding pictures on the cover of OK magazine nearly fifteen years ago i have been determined to have a Wang Wedding dress on my own day.Image

With a price tag of in the region of £3000 to £8000 for the main collection and £6000 to £14000 for the Luxe range (can not even think what a bespoke dress would cost) You can imagine it’s not really for the everyday bride like myself.


So is there anyway you can possibly get one cheaper?

With a bit of determination yes there is a few ways.

One way is to try sample sales there tends to be more of these in the States as there are more stockists of Vera Wang over there.

There is also a website called sellmydress http://www.sellmyweddingdress.co.uk/index.php

they have all kinds of designer wedding dresses on there and always have Vera Wangs on there from £400 sometimes to up to £3500. I guess it’s just luck finding one you want at the right price. If you have enough time and determination i am sure you can get a bargain on there.

A similar but cheaper way i suggest you can find a cheap Wang is on http://www.ebay.co.uk/

They don’t tend to have as many on as http://www.sellmydress.co.uk but they do tend to be cheaper. If you are in the UK i would say look on http://www.ebay.com/ as it gives a greater selection looking internationally and if you are going to get a £6000 dress for a few hundred pound it is worth paying a hundred pound postage. Do beware of fake dresses on Ebay make sure there is lots of pictures and you can see the tags and authenticity certificate.

The last and most certainly cheaper way again is on Ebay. As i mentioned there is allot of fake Wang’s on Ebay but there is allot of places in China that will copy pretty much any dress you like. I can’t say this is my preferred way to get my Wang but it is a good way to get the dress you want i have seen them on there for around £100.

Hope this post helps you get the dress of your dreams whether it’s Wang or not.

Good Luck


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