Candle Centerpiece’s Wedding Reception Ideas


Candles for Centerpiece’s at your wedding reception is such an inexpensive way to make a stunning impact to your wedding reception. They can create an intimate and romantic atmosphere.
Much cheaper than using flowers or you could mix it up and use both.
Large branches with hanging Votive tea lights creates a magical centerpiece.
Baby’s Breath looks really good with the candles for a white themed wedding. Because Baby’s Breath is also very cheap you can use big bunches to create a grander effect.
Big lanterns with Large candles in are cheaper than a floral arrangement of the same size and a great focal point.
An idea for the candles is using jam jars to put them in. You can customise the Jam Jars to your colour or theme by dipping them in glitter, sticking on lace, tying ribbon round or spray painting them. There are so many ideas for Jam Jars on Pinterest. I have been collecting Jars for a year now I keep all different sizes because when grouped together with candles inside they look really good. Jam jars are also a good alternative for cases for flowers you can have lots of small bunches or flowers. Again another money saving idea as florists charge for vase hire.



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