People’s History Museum Manchester

After two years of hunting I think I may have found my perfect Wedding Reception Venue in Manchester City Centre.
The Engine Room at the People’s History Museum on Leftbank.


I know you might need a little bit of imagination but its perfect for someone who is looking for something more unique than the standard hotel wedding or stately home.
Now if you could picture it lit up with a beautiful ceiling canopy like this.


Or this…..


It would be an absolutely stunning wedding. I think up lighters placed at the walls to highlight the tiles would create a fabulous atmosphere.
They have only hosted one wedding so far being a relatively new Venue for weddings. The catering is done by Couture catering and the menus look really promising.
Could it be the one we book? We are going to view it today so fingers crossed.
I have a few others on the short list at the moment but this is the front runner.


DIY Rustic Vintage Wedding


Beautiful Rustic DIY wedding reception in a marquee using bunting and floral fabric to tie napkins.
The DIY vintage and Boho look is defiantly huge at the moment and brilliant for budget weddings. Proves not spending a lot can a really look amazing and so personal too.
I don’t know if recession is moving us towards this trend as the more grander and over the top weddings are seeming to be on there way out for the minute. I think wedding’s on a budget brings out our creative side making more and more weddings nowadays unique.

Budget Wedding: Top 7 websites to find the best gown on a super budget

Princess on a Mission

As a budget bride, when I hear of my peers that are getting married spending thousands on gowns, I am just dumbfounded. Even the hidden fees in David’s Bridal’s “clearance gowns” (like their $250+ alteration fees on top of an already expensive gown) are a scary thought to me. If a bride can comfortably afford these dresses, I am very happy for her! But I feel like so many brides are spending more than $500 dollars on a dress because they think that is the best deal they are going to find. I purchased mine for just over $140, and have continued to find even better the more I plan my wedding. It is possible to get a beautiful wedding gown selection as good as any at a bridal shop for all under $300. 

And if you save enough money on the wedding gown, maybe you can afford a party…

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Get Inspired with 1920s!

Everyone is going Mad for the Gatsby Art Deco Wedding Theme!

Inside The Knot

June 10, 2013

In conjunction with the release of The Great Gatsby  movie, this 1920s inspiration palette inspires any upcoming weddings or parties!

From table decors to invitation cards to dressing up. We know it is going to be spectacular!

A little background about the 20’s; referred as the “Golden Age Twenties” because of the economic boom post World War 1.  It was also the decade which fashion entered the modern era. Ladies started to wear short dresses that revealed up to the knees. (Hint: You could always opt for a short wedding gown instead of the usual ones to not only fit into the theme, but making a statement with a flapper dress!)

A classic look that has been developed during the 1920s was the finger waves, to add style and soften the hard appearance bobbed hairstyles that became very popular during the flapper period.

Many more details like having feathers and…

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Fun and Fresh Vintage Wedding Stationary

I discovered a Vintage Wedding Blog called fantastic for all things Vintage Style for wedding. Including stationary as you know the wedding invitation is glipse your wedding guests have of your theme.

I am going to be keeping a close eye on this blog as they have so much fantastic stuff including this stationary which is by a comapny called Noble Hound please check them out there stuff is original, fresh and Fun. Excellent for for a Vintage wedding theme, Art Deco theme and they also have a bespoke service.

Stunning Centerpieces

Stunning Centerpieces

I stumbled upon an article this morning ’25 stunning centerpieces’ when I saw this picture a beautiful mix of candles a flowers to create a romantic and intimate theme. There is literally something for everyone in there. I am … Continue reading

Great Gatsby Wedding Ideas

Absolutely perfect for a vintage style wedding with loads of class.

Arabia Weddings

The release of the film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ is finally approaching. The movie, starring Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role, will hit the big screens on May 10.

The Great Gatsby has already inspired fashion designers and beauty experts who have taken up the 1920’s style and adapted it throughout their products and collections.

But that’s not all; many wedding planners are adapting the 20’s romantic era of glitz, glamor and opulence in weddings from east to west.

Here are some ideas of how to throw the ultimate Great Gatsby inspired wedding:

The centerpieces and decorations.

The wedding cake.

The bridal look.

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Candle Centerpiece’s Wedding Reception Ideas


Candles for Centerpiece’s at your wedding reception is such an inexpensive way to make a stunning impact to your wedding reception. They can create an intimate and romantic atmosphere.
Much cheaper than using flowers or you could mix it up and use both.
Large branches with hanging Votive tea lights creates a magical centerpiece.
Baby’s Breath looks really good with the candles for a white themed wedding. Because Baby’s Breath is also very cheap you can use big bunches to create a grander effect.
Big lanterns with Large candles in are cheaper than a floral arrangement of the same size and a great focal point.
An idea for the candles is using jam jars to put them in. You can customise the Jam Jars to your colour or theme by dipping them in glitter, sticking on lace, tying ribbon round or spray painting them. There are so many ideas for Jam Jars on Pinterest. I have been collecting Jars for a year now I keep all different sizes because when grouped together with candles inside they look really good. Jam jars are also a good alternative for cases for flowers you can have lots of small bunches or flowers. Again another money saving idea as florists charge for vase hire.


Inbal Dror Wedding Dresses


I can not believe i have only just discovered the Israeli wedding dress designer Inbal Dor Her gowns are absolutely stunning and so unique. Drawing a lot of attention and detail to the back of the dress and they tend to be very low.

I have found a stockist for the UK ,Morgan Davies Bridal in London

She is a fairly new designer but i bet she is definitely one to watch.

This is one of my favourite’s up to now.